Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Roca, papel, tijeras, evolución

So thanks once again to the wonderful MFL Resources Yahoo group where Rachel Hawkes caught my interest posting about Chris Fullers' game Rock, Paper, Scissors, Evolution. I have played it with 6 different classes in the past two days and they all loved it. 

Pupils circulate round the room, exchanging a selected piece of information eg favourite hobby, food, etc. Once they have exchanged information, they play Roca Papel Tijeras. Here's where the evolution comes in.. They start as an egg, holding their hands clasped above their head. Whoever wins rock paper scissors in each pair 'evolves' into a chick, then into a bird, an elephant (don't ask!) and finally the ultimate winner is the first to become a superhero. The key is that eggs can only talk to eggs, chicks to chicks, etc.. 
It sounds more complicated than it is, it only takes a few minutes so it's a great starter and kids of all ages loved it #win

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Building blocks of learning

After tweets from @dominic_mcg and @bellaale I have been inspired to create these blocks for my Challenge Corner in my classroom for pupils who finish before the rest. They join an array of extension activities which include Challenge Cards, cartoons and books including a One Direction album in Spanish.
The idea is that pupils can build sentences with the words on the blocks. Let's see how it goes..

Friday, 14 February 2014

Reflections of an iPad classroom 14/2/13

I have made the amazing discovery of the Bitsboard app but need to give it a health warning... The potential of Bitsboard for an alternative way to introduce or practise new vocabulary is tremendous for Modern Languages. I created a departmental account and was able to import the boards I had created at home into the school iPads. Pupils have thoroughly enjoyed playing a host of games created off the back of a core set of flashcards which took me around 10 minutes to make. 
The downside is that it appears to be slightly pernickety. I created a set of Flashcards last night for pets, in preparation for an observation lesson today. For whatever reason, signing in to the account and importing the board didn't work. It was extremely frustrating, especially given the focus and interest other pupils had previously displayed. I'll try again next week, as this is an app potentially worth its weight in gold. 

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

The meaning of Twitter for my PGCE talk

I tweeted tonight to ask people what Twitter meant to them in advance of my MFL PGCE talk tomorrow. Here's a Wordle of the responses.

#ililc4 Amanda Salt A level and new technologies

Here is my talk from #ililc4 on A level and new technologies:

#ililc4 Amanda Salt Apps R Us

Here is my talk, about apps I use with iPads in the classroom so far:

Monday, 10 February 2014

#ililc4 @valleseco Keynote

From Queen to Sinatra 
Under pressure 
Need for teacher personality, technology shouldn't kill this (The Buggles Video killed the radio star) 
Play Pointless or Family Fortunes 
Pupils will take repeated negative comments from a computer but not a teacher 
Use technology to enhance our skills and activities not replace them
Songsmith to make up songs 
Delicious to bookmark sites 
"I can" statements to assess what kids can do - see Claire's spreadsheet 

I started off making the notes above but then put the iPad down, sat back and let Clare's words flow over me. She was an excellent keynote speaker, capturing the mood and pushing most of us to the point of tears with her concluding song My Way. So that's that, #ililc4 is over and we leave inspired, enthused, full of friendship and love for these friends we only maybe see once or twice a year, or have only met this year for the first time at #ililc4. We stand tall and we move on with the love, humour, support and inspiration of the #mfltwitterati