Tuesday, 7 February 2012


Today I used Triptico with Forms 2 and 3 (Year 8 and 9 in England) to spice up our verb work after several weeks of working through the basics and doing a lot of written practice.
Initially I used the class sorter to put pupils into groups, then the spinner to choose verbs and the scoreboards to keep track of points. When the spinner stopped on a verb, one pupil in each group had to conjugate the 6 parts in the present tense using a digital voice recorder. The first two groups to successfully replay their recording to me with correct pronunciation won the points. They had to switch the person conjugating each time which meant that all were involved, and the shyer pupils felt more confident without the spotlight shining directly on them. The kids loved it and I felt they made real progress both in terms of knowledge and pronunciation.


Ykombi said...

This is a great idea - I love that the students use a voice recorder rather than saying the verbs. I'm going to use this idea too!

simonhowells said...

Lovely idea for the DVR Amanda. My lot are enjoying using find ten at the minute...

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