Friday 6 April 2012


Of all the sessions I went to, this was the one that I thought "Boom! I can use this on Monday morning with my pupils" Jen crammed this session with loads of tips for approaching the controlled assessment tasks using the technology that is available to help improve pupil performance. It's all about developing memory and speaking skills.

 Digital voice recorders/mobile phones. Phones are better because they pretty much all have them, and headphones. Most pupils will have smartphones with Apps, but even without, they will have voice recorders. Jen's advice is that they record every marked paragraph that they do.
 Songify (iPhone) makes spoken word into song! I used this several times over the course of the following week, to show my Form class as well as my three GCSE classes and my A level pupils.
 Songsmith for Windows is a bit like Audacity, pupils speak or sing into it, then they can add sound effects, beats etc. It is free for the first 6 hours of recording.
 is great for Edexcel's picture prompt. It is free, you upload a picture, record a soundfile for the photo, share it etc
 Voicethread – all pupils record on the same picture
 Text to speech to upload their drafts to controlled assessment with It is less creative than Voki but gets them to concentrate on the language. Dragon Dictation is speech to text
 Record yourself talking. Make sure you select the right language.
 Put text in, hit go, watch it scroll, test themselves how well they know their answers if learning off by heart and see if they can go faster
 Linelearner (iPhone app) Pretend it’s a play. Use the techniques that actors use. There is not much space on the lite version, so it is probably better to buy the app
 Jen has a video file of memory tips from actors – Zena is going to put it on the blog
 Advanced flashcards. Copy and paste as much as you want. Choose the number of blanks you want, have the first letter of the words etc. Might help them develop their 40 words sheet in terms of the words they continually stumble on. It won’t save it for next time unless you save it as a website

Unfortunately I had to leave Jen's session slightly early to get ready for mine, but she has blogged about her session including the resources here

I have added her tips to our Spanish wiki here

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