Friday 26 September 2014


Calling all teachers! Have you discovered Pinterest yet? I have in the last few months and it is an incredible source of resources. I am primarily using it for starters in my lessons. This year, I am displaying a lesson-specific cartoon or saying on the board as the pupils come into the room and they discuss the meaning with their partner or table before we come together to check comprehension. 
Here are some of my favourites: 
A generic one. (3 depressing facts. Today isn't Friday. Tomorrow isn't Friday. Even the day after tomorrow isn't Friday) 

Form 3 are doing parts of the body (I've got your nose) 

Form 2 and Form 5 are doing the topic of education (When your teacher separates you from your best friend in class) 

Yes, you could probably find most of these using a search engine but the excellent thing about Pinterest is its ability to store these pins for you. 


A Salt said...

Spanish Grosvenor. I'll look for you now

Annabelle said...

Hi I've just been looking for you on Pinterest but sadly can't find a Spanish Grosvenor, have you changed name?

A Salt said...

Sorry, it's