Saturday 7 March 2015

#ililc5 Ryan Hoy @Taisez marking

The above quote is from @marymyatt, an inspector who tweets and blogs.  Ryan asked in his session "How do we mark?" We did a sample marking exercise showing that we use different systems, eg using highlighters, using a code eg circle and W for word 
Pupils have hugely different experiences of marking and they can struggle with this. 

Ryan developed the following system which is now used throughout the school:
Pink for bad and green for really good, code. Leave out stuff that's correct but not really good 

Exp - express it better, explain it more. As Ryan explained, the planning stage is the most important stage. Give success criteria for the question so that pupils know how they can score well.  

In a slight twist on this, I gave U6 their timed essays that they wrote earlier in the week back to them and they went through highlighting their fabby phrases (idiomatic language, connectors, subjunctive, etc) in green and any errors they now spotted in pink. Those who wanted to then swapped with a peer to repeat the process of proof-reading. It will interesting to see what they have picked out when I mark it. 
I think more than anything, the point that resonated with me was on the slide 'no ego-building comments, green is more than enough' I am going to trial this approach and I'll let you know how it goes. 

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