Thursday 11 September 2008

Whiteboard Challenge Task 2

So I finally got to teach the lesson I prepared at the start of the week.. I decided to incorporate the use of sound files that I had learnt in Task 1 with the Infinite Cloning of Task 2. We are learning about 'En el colegio' and had previously learnt how to name the various subjects in Spanish. Today we revised the subjects , and learnt how to give opinions and reasons. We then did a listening activity, whereby the pupils listened to a series of statements I had recorded using Audacity. They then had to come up to the board and drag the appropriate symbols to reflect what had been said e.g. 'Me gusta el inglés porque es fácil' ('I like English because it is easy') Infinite cloning made the task easier for me in terms of making the flipchart, as the pupils had to use the opinions and reasons vocabulary more than once, so we used it as a 'Drag and drop' facility. I can see how I will use both these tools frequently in the production of flipcharts, although I am interested to see how others make different use of the Infinite Cloning tool


Isabelle Jones said...
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Isabelle Jones said...

Hi Amanda
Thanks for sharing your experiences. Mine so far has been of complete frustration as my IWB is not interactive about 50% of the time. Now I have met all my classes, I will decide who I should take the plunge with. As you wrote, if you know them and you know you can at least laugh about it if it goes pear-shaped, not all is lost!!
(My bottom set Y9 is definetely OUT)