Tuesday 16 February 2021

Deck.Toys delight

Within a day of starting to use Deck.Toys I had already decided that the potential was so great that it was worth investing in the Pro account.  So far I have made KS3 sets on shopping, house and clothes, a GCSE set for daily routine and an A level set for subjunctive phrases. 

Esmeralda Salgado has made a really useful Youtube video about creating your decks.  You can choose different templates, from linear to a boardgame. 

We have all the vocab for KS3 and GCSE on our Quizlet so I was easily able to export the vocab sets to Deck Toys to use as the study set within each deck.  I also exported them to Blooket, Gimkit and Flippity as well as quickly creating activities on Wordwall and and Learning Apps. I was then able to embed those activities into my Deck as well as using the plethora of activities available within the deck. 

It's easy to assign a deck to a classroom or share with other teachers. I'm also sharing the decks I make via a Wakelet collection 

To my mind, Deck Toys has the ability to pull together some of my favourite websites for practising and embedding vocabulary. I look forward to getting feedback from the pupils once they have had a go at working through them on their own. 

Sunday 14 February 2021

Checking out Deck Toys

I have heard a lot about Deck Toys recently so decided to check it out, using @botonessalgado's very useful video on how to create a new deck I have all the vocab for the units we teach in Quizlet which means that it is very easy to import it into Deck Toys and set up a new deck. Here's a very basic one I have made for KS3 Spanish on shops and quantities. Now that I've got the basic concept, I'm off to make some with my sentence builders 

Wednesday 10 February 2021

Assessment and feedback in Microsoft Teams

Today I had the privilege of talking about assessment and feedback in Teams as part of an Education Authority (NI) webinar to share good practice. The webinar recording is on their website, My talk starts at 36 mins (and my reminder alarm for my son's drum lesson goes off at 43.32!

Here is my PowerPoint (template by Slidesmania)

Thursday 4 February 2021

Monday 1 February 2021

Pay it forward: pets las mascotas

 The wonderful MFL teachers on Twitter and Facebook have been sharing ideas and resources generously as usual, via those media as well as in webinars such as the fab one presented by @mflswavesey hosted by Joe Dale and Helen Myers for ALL, Elena Díaz  for Linguascope and the TM MFL Icons webinar with Esmeralda Salgado, Elena Díaz, Adam Lamb Thais López Martín and Kate Jones with the MFL Icons team Coordinator Bex Noble and the team @rosannahume and @missMFL16

So I thought that I would share some of the links for games I have made. I am asalt518 on Blooket and Gimkit if you search for me, you should be able to copy sets. 

Here's some for pets (las mascotas):

Languages and your career, by past pupils #ggsfamiliaespañola

Huge thanks to our brilliant past pupils who have make a quick clip talking about studying and working with Spanish and languages. 


Past pupils using Spanish


Language skills