Friday 31 October 2008


Here is the first of my posts about my experiences at the Isle of Wight conference. The first workshop I attended was by the entertaining Chris Fuller, entitled “ICT- THINKING OUTSIDE THE CLASSROOM BOX”. Chris talked about using ICT to motivate and to enhance learning, both inside and outside of the classroom walls. He himself has several blogs, both personal and for his school.
During the course of the talk, various questions were raised. One question was if the school had any issue with uploading videos / pupil work, etc, as this can be a common problem nowadays. A good suggestion to get around this if it is an issue in your school is to use puppets or masks.
The work does is very much in line with the new curriculums in Northern Ireland and England, with a strong emphasis on Assessment for Learning. Peer assessment takes place whereby pupils listen to their classmates and leave feedback in the form of 'Two Stars and a Wish'. Pupil improvement is an obvious outcome as pupils ‘steal’ the best phrases they hear when they listen to each other's work
Chris showed us the Flip Ultra camera which is easy to use, particularly given its USB port.
In fact, Chris made the whole thing look easy and it has inspired me to go back to school armed with this information to talk to the powers-that-be about our own school blog...

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