Wednesday 16 February 2011

High tech, low tech, let's get them talking

Further to my earlier post about encouraging speaking, there has been a lot of talk on Twitter about @dominic_mcg's Mug of Misery to pull pupils' names out in order to answer a question on the board. Despite my prowess as a near-professional shopper, I failed to find a mug that I liked. However I did stumble upon the following: LA MALETA MANDONA (The Bossy Suitcase)

The plastic pots contain lollypop sticks with the names of pupils in the various classes I teach. I intend to use them in conjunction with the fruit machine from generating oral questions or with images in a powerpoint. Let's see how the Maleta Mandona is welcomed to Grosvenor.


Steph said...

Ohhhh me encanta la maleta mandona, que bonita! Donde la encontraste?

A Salt said...

En TKMaxx, y a los alumnos, les encantó también