Thursday 5 April 2012


Catherine talked us through making a stop motion animation. The benefits of making stop motion animations include a strong sense of audience, brightening up less stimulating topics and the pupils paying more attention to detail re their written language.
The main drawbacks are that it is time consuming and the frustration for pupils of the limitations of their language. Time saving resources include finger puppets from IKEA and Playmobil figures eg Playmobil in the classroom.
Technical advice included:
• Webcams – look for ones you can manipulate how you want
• Need specific stop motion animation software eg “I can animate” though you need to export it to put music in etc
• Zu 3D £30 for single user license
• Talk pupils through stuff like bringing the ‘actors’ on
• Each pic is a frame, 12 is a good speed to select
• Onionskinning is a great tool to let you see the previous frame so you can line scenes up
• Bluetack down your background
• Pupils need to think about what is happening in the background re sound as they move
• Remember the Undo button
• Sound tab on control panel as well as credits
• File - Make movie defaults to wmv

This was a hands-on session where Annalise Adams and I made a quick movie on asking directions. Our conclusion was that this was something we would foresee doing with an afterschool club rather than during classtime.

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