Saturday 13 April 2013

#ILILC3 Show and Tell in practice 1

There were some little gems buried in the hilarity of the ICT links into languages Show and Tell evening. Here is one of them I am going to put into practice this week.
@elvisrunner talked about using Jenga in her classroom so I jumped onto eBay and bought six minisets at £3 each. I am going to number the blocks (in different colours so I can keep track of the sets) and them make a series of sheets to go with them. I reckon I'll cover basic questions right up to A2 plus do some that are topics, names of famous people etc. The idea is that when they push the block out, they check the number on the sheet and answer the question, talk for 1 minute on the topic, list 10 things you can buy in that shop, list 10 colours, etc. I need to think of a suitable 'punishment' if the tower block topples!

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