Saturday 24 September 2016


So I'm sure most of you have heard of Quizlet as it's been around for ages. But we in the languages department have really only tapped into its huge potential in the last year or two. We have all the vocab for each year group loaded so that pupils can learn the vocabulary in a fun and competitive way. It's also an excellent way of promoting independent learning at home.
However, it's only in the last few months that excitement has reached unseen levels with the introduction of Quizlet Live. NB You need access to a class set of PCs or tablets / phones. As a teacher, you go to and select the set of vocabulary you want to drill / test. You select the Live option and then create the game in the new browser window with a mere click of a button. Share the code with the pupils who have gone directly to, they enter their names and you start the game. You can randomly assign teams or select them. The website cleverly picks up on the language so the team names will be in Spanish, etc. 
The pupils work in their teams to answer the questions / translate the language. Each pupil has 3 or 4 possibilities but only one will have the correct option. If they get it wrong, the team loses all their points and has to start again. The first team to gain 12 points wins. All my classes love Quizlet Live and clamour to play it every lesson, no matter what age they are. As a teacher, apart from the massive engagement factor, the benefits are that they are drilling the vocabulary if they get it wrong and at the end, it shows you what pupils were consistently getting wrong so this informs your planning for the next lesson. 
I cannot recommend Quizlet enough, I really look back a year or two and wonder what I did pre-Quizlet! 


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