Tuesday 16 February 2021

Deck.Toys delight

Within a day of starting to use Deck.Toys I had already decided that the potential was so great that it was worth investing in the Pro account.  So far I have made KS3 sets on shopping, house and clothes, a GCSE set for daily routine and an A level set for subjunctive phrases. 

Esmeralda Salgado has made a really useful Youtube video about creating your decks.  You can choose different templates, from linear to a boardgame. 

We have all the vocab for KS3 and GCSE on our Quizlet so I was easily able to export the vocab sets to Deck Toys to use as the study set within each deck.  I also exported them to Blooket, Gimkit and Flippity as well as quickly creating activities on Wordwall and and Learning Apps. I was then able to embed those activities into my Deck as well as using the plethora of activities available within the deck. 

It's easy to assign a deck to a classroom or share with other teachers. I'm also sharing the decks I make via a Wakelet collection 

To my mind, Deck Toys has the ability to pull together some of my favourite websites for practising and embedding vocabulary. I look forward to getting feedback from the pupils once they have had a go at working through them on their own. 

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