Monday 1 February 2021

Pay it forward: pets las mascotas

 The wonderful MFL teachers on Twitter and Facebook have been sharing ideas and resources generously as usual, via those media as well as in webinars such as the fab one presented by @mflswavesey hosted by Joe Dale and Helen Myers for ALL, Elena Díaz  for Linguascope and the TM MFL Icons webinar with Esmeralda Salgado, Elena Díaz, Adam Lamb Thais López Martín and Kate Jones with the MFL Icons team Coordinator Bex Noble and the team @rosannahume and @missMFL16

So I thought that I would share some of the links for games I have made. I am asalt518 on Blooket and Gimkit if you search for me, you should be able to copy sets. 

Here's some for pets (las mascotas):

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