Sunday 9 February 2014

#ILILC4 @icpjones More than words

NB I have decided to leave these blogposts as more or less the notes I took at the time, as sometimes lists are easier to digest and quicker to find key ideas. 

The way words look
Visuals to support language you introduce 
Get pupils to visualise new language 
Think about presentation of work 

The way words sound
TL sounds different to different learners 
Response to sounds (boys self-conscious that French sounds girly) 
Differences without stereotyping 
Pure listening without reference to MT is nearly impossible 
Reading out loud - old fashioned but pupils enjoy 
Jacques Prévert Spectacle poem - mix of translation and play on words 
Jacques Prévert L'amiral - like a tongue twister . Pupils have a set idea that poetry has to rhyme and this shows them it doesn't.
Ana Tijoux: Las horas rap  (one of her songs is in FIFA game so lots of kids recognise her, she has loads of songs on YouTube) 
See Isabelle's YouTube account for playlists 

The way words interact with each other 
Etymology: prefixes & suffixes
idioms (lost in translation language) 
<<awkward English>>
Teach them set phrases and expressions - I really liked this idea and am going to get them to create photos eg ponerse rojo como un tomate 
Look on Youtube 
Use to animate a photo
Fluency of learning words and phrases? Not necessarily part and parcel of the fluency but nice to have and good for pushing more interested/ able pupils 
Kit Brett book with podcasts for French 
Be aware of languages words have been borrowed from eg piano from Italian 
Rhyming words dictionaries 

Text types

Think about the type of connectives you teach them. (Last column) Helps you focus on that when preparing your lessons
Playful with the links between languages Tongue twisters 
Chistes de Lepe jokes website 
Poetry links 
Le message - pupils can copy the structure to do their own poetry 

Give them recipe list above for writing poetry. 
Un verbe: Aimer (on YouTube) kind of rap, about the excitement of meeting somebody new 
Colour poem "what is blue? The sky is blue" idea 

Word clouds and calligrammes 
Wordle and Tagxedo (import your own picture) 
Diamond poems eg to reinforce grammar
Haikus - great for speaking 
Kennings - form of metaphor, 2 word phrase. eg whale-road for sea Use this, it's not perfect but it models it for them also for text to speech 
Decide Now app
Made-up songs for specific purpose eg Soy Una pizza on YouTube 
Musical translation - eg Kevin, Karla y la Banda Wrecking Ball. Show them parallel texts of the song lyrics. Don't show them the video if it's a distraction. 
Muy interesante website has lots of great stuff on it.
Guía de reciclaje para móvil 
Guardia Civil medio ambiente page 
Warner Bros add .es etc to go to the Warner Bros website for that language 
Copy the page you want them to read, paste it into Lingro and Lingro acts as a dictionary 
Isabelle uses the following to decide if she will use technology or not.. 
As always, this was a great session by the ever-creative and inspirational Isabelle Jones. Her original presentation will be in her blog

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