Monday 10 February 2014

#ililc4 Show and Tell

End of Day 1 and we all came to the Show and Tell at Highfield House armed with at least 1000 calories each as Zena has suggested we bring snacks so we took her at her word (and then some) An excellent night was had by all. Here are my scribbled notes:

Isabelle Jones @icpjones  "Any excuse for a song!"
iPod roulette in the car driving to work, Isabelle has a list of questions to decide if she will the song with a class or not 

Helen Myers talked about ALL webinar and events 

Lisa Stevens
Stamp clap click activity using one two three in the language between partners (A says 1, B says 2, A says 3, B says 1, etc)  then they start replacing the numbers little by little with a stamp for 1, then a clap for 2 and finally a click for 3. A great brain gym activity and I don't think @missmclachan and I were the only two who struggled....

Rachel Smith The 20 day challenge 
Rachel watched Matt Cutte Try something new for 30 days TED talk video 
Talked to pupils about dead time in the day (bus, etc) 
What could we do for 10 mins every day? Duolingo etc. 
Display with ideas 
Twitter: 5 words a day, video, retweets, Peppa Pig 
The idea is that doing something for that length of time is habit-forming

Joe Dale song by John Connor. Brilliant. Enough said. 

Clare Seccombe post-its
Speech bubble post-its and normal ones 
Grid 8/16 stimuli, stick on post-its
Translation either way
Sherlock Guess Who type game 
Instant feedback
Padlet and Linoit
Silent feedback while kids work
Question wall
Venn diagrams or sorting activity 
Two, one with question and one with answer
Question in book for teacher 
Question on board - pupil response 

Sam Broom Songs
Numbers, restaurante, el rap de los verbos 

Preterite song 
Slideshare for songs Spanish Sam
Ricky Martin song for arriving late. 
I wish I could sing!! 

Simone Haughey 
Confucius classroom year of the horse has included bringing two horses in, choir, panda mosaic etc. Fabulous! 

Garry Mills  Spanish then loads of choices 
Movie titles en español translation game or box options 

Eleanor Abrahams 
Physical response to text eg Mexican wave for capital letter, finger click for comma, two claps for full stop, finger click for apostrophe, panic expression for exclamation mark, one clap for accent. Love it though hurts my head! 

Nina Elliott
Hip Hop Phonics 
Ti etc phonemes 

2nd time = stand up! 3rd time = Physical reaction as well as stand up eg rapper move 
How much did we love this?! The batman videoed it, he thought it was so fab lol. 

Chris Fuller 
Steps to TeachMeet MFL
1 find a collaborator to help share the workload and the fun
2 find a venue and choose a date 
3 find a sponsor 
4 create a TM wiki sign up page 
5 spread the word then nag
6 keep it simple 
Time to do an MFL TeachMeet in Northern Ireland then... 

Glennis Pye 
Getting pupils to speak
Intensive courses, need pupils to work more on stuff at home 
Predicted the vocab in advance 
Sent home to listen to video. Edmodo quiz that accompanied listening 
Transcription of listening set as HW or weaker could ask for blankfill 
Translation of the transcript 
Extra = spot the mistake 

Duet John Connor and Simone Haughey. Brilliance again :-) 

Dominic McGladdery
Mot de passe (password) game. 
Word association
One word clues for Alex who has back to board as words flash up. 
Off to make some myself.. 

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