Monday 10 February 2014

#ililc4 @lancslassrach Do you flubaroo?

Rachel has a closed Google site, pupils watch video, Google form to fill in and flubaroo marks it. 
Must keep answers short. 
Go to Google Drive 
Create a form
Theme and title 
Question title eg cat
Question type 
Must select required question and then click done 
Add item allows you to add a question 
Must include name 
Share form by emailing 
You must submit a response, call it teacher or your name 
Responses form - insert script
Search for flubaroo, select and install 
Select flubaroo and select 'Grade assignment' 
Assign points 
Select teacher responses as Answer Key

This was such a good session, the buzz was palpable at the potential for this to cut down on marking at the same time as assessing pupil learning and progress. Hurrah! 

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