Monday 10 February 2014

#ililc4 @valleseco Keynote

From Queen to Sinatra 
Under pressure 
Need for teacher personality, technology shouldn't kill this (The Buggles Video killed the radio star) 
Play Pointless or Family Fortunes 
Pupils will take repeated negative comments from a computer but not a teacher 
Use technology to enhance our skills and activities not replace them
Songsmith to make up songs 
Delicious to bookmark sites 
"I can" statements to assess what kids can do - see Claire's spreadsheet 

I started off making the notes above but then put the iPad down, sat back and let Clare's words flow over me. She was an excellent keynote speaker, capturing the mood and pushing most of us to the point of tears with her concluding song My Way. So that's that, #ililc4 is over and we leave inspired, enthused, full of friendship and love for these friends we only maybe see once or twice a year, or have only met this year for the first time at #ililc4. We stand tall and we move on with the love, humour, support and inspiration of the #mfltwitterati

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