Monday 10 February 2014

#ililc4 @spanishsam Speaking

Weighting in GCSE 
Prepare them for KS5 and beyond 
Communication vs grammar 
Pupil desire to communicate 

LAD language acquisition device within us
Comprehensible input 
Acquired not learned 
Think about language we want them to acquire eg it's your turn 

Can't just learn by rote 
Importance of grammatical and linguistic competence 

How do we teach languages? 
Grammar - translation 
Communicative approach 

St Martins 
Accuracy at the same time as fluency - mimes, song, team competitions, visual support, high levels of interaction and classroom routines 

Drip feeding language in routines & team competitions
SOWs developed with full activites in mind
Allow for spontaneous speech James Stubbs

TL as much as you can and as much as they are able 
¿Cómo se dice.. en español / inglés? 
¿Puedo ..?
¿Puedo hablar en inglés? 
Mimes to help them 
Phrases on the board 
Jesús , mentiroso, perdóname por haber llegado tarde
Spontaneous speech helps in the oral exam especially the borderline students 
Encourage and reward TL with team points 

Forfeits eg hopping on one leg, conjugate a verb etc 
objective setting 
Asking for stuff
Team points
Homework setting 
Setting up pair work activites
Mimes and actions 

Mime for each word eg sign language thumb and fingers 
Encore une fois 

Colour coding for a reason 

Activities bag 

WC is whole class

Repeat if correct 
Encore une fois - trapdoor 
Pass the telephone 
Mime to practise 

Speed reading 


Version with blanks, more blanks each time 

Planning a SOW
End activity
- pupil language
- Interaction language
- Content language 
Drip feed language all the way through

Use the structure do you prefer ..or.. ? I prefer .. because.. 

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