Sunday 9 February 2014

#ililc4 @joedale keynote Putting the Pedagogy into the Technology

This year was the fourth ICT Links into Languages conference at the university of Southampton, brought about by the hard work of Zena Hilton and her team.  King of the #mfltwitterati, Joe Dale, kicked off proceedings for the weekend with his keynote. The theme of this year's ICT Links into Languages was putting the pedagogy into the technology. In a breakneck race through a multitude of slides, Joe showed us a lot of links and information to support this. 
The key message I took out of the Carol Dweck video was that pupils need to see setbacks as opportunities to learn.  As teachers, we need to see the pedagogy in using the technology and recognise the fact that technology is a tool not a learning outcome. Another key idea to remember is that pupils are technology comfy not technology savvy. 
Joe showed us a video which talked about the Tpack: that sweet spot where technology, pedagogy and content knowledge all come together. He also showed us slides on the SAMR model of Substitution augmentation modification and redefinition. I really liked the way the video explained it: 
Substitution is using Google docs as a word processor. 
Augmentation is sharing the Google doc. 
Modification is using the Google doc for collaboration and comment. 
Redefinition is sharing the Google doc across the world, speaking comments and embedding the final text into your class website. 
We all should aim for the top two levels of modification and redefinition and Joe had zillions of links to teachers doing amazing things in terms of flipping their classrooms, sharing good practice and improving the learning. You will get a chance to check them out on his blog
With Joe having set the tone for the weekend, we then set off excitedly in search of our talks and workshops, iPads, tablets, pens and paper at the ready.. 

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